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House Site and Building Developments

When lodging a building application there are two areas which we can help when lodging your building application to council. These include:

Site Classification

If your considering a new building or extension, one of our team can meet you on site to consult on the best location. Using our portable drill rig, we can conduct in-depth soil tests to ensure you have the best information when designing your new structure. We take into account:

  • The soil type
  • Slope
  • Topography
  • Bearing capacity of soil

If you have a choice of building sites, an understanding of site preparation requirements can help you evaluate the potential costs which may be incurred.  For example, a slab poured on a site where 'Cut and fill' has been used will require suitable compaction to stabilise the site.

Pre-purchase soil tests

If you are evaluating a site for a specific purpose, talk to us about pre-purchase testing. A contract placed on a proprty can be made subject to the relevant soil tests and inspections.

Are you on a council sewage system?

New houses and extensions not connected to a sewage system may require a site and soil evaluation as part of an overall Wastewater Water system analysis. This is so the council can be assured that an appropriate waste water treatment system is installed to prevent contamination of water sources.

Our roles is to design and appropriate system that
•    Protects the environment
•    Protects human health

We take into account the
•    Soil types
•    Topography
•    Proximity of bores, dams and watercourses

We estimate the flow likely to be generated on the site and decide on appropriate level of treatment to meet all the staturaory requirements.